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December 02, 2020 2 min read

It is that time of the year when your festive spirit is rising day by day. Starting with early Christmas commercials on TV and the internet, and of course the city Christmas decoration.

In my town, there are already festive fairy lights along the commercial streets and squares. And the Christmas Market is about to open the last week of November.

Yes, it is that time of the year when your home must put on the festive sparkling dress and make everyone in your family expecting the marvelous Christmas eve.

Haven’t decided how to decorate your home yet? Well, calm down, here are some of the best Christmas decor ideas for a festive spark look of your home.

The Best Farmhouse Christmas Decor

Festive Porch


Your home will get the magic of the wood with natural Christmas trees decorated with twinkle fairy lights. The pure natural beauty is all you need especially for outdoor decoration.Fill The Jars With Christmas Spirit

Fill The Jars With Christmas Spirit


Christmas cooking could be more inspirational with a little bit of HO-Ho-Ho from the flour or sugar jars. Bake your favorites gingerbread cookies with the magical festive spirit.

Welcome Santa


Safety first! If you want to avoid having a stuck Santa in the chimney offer him an alternative entrance.

Festive Spark From The Hallway


Because you deserve a festive spirit in each room of your home. Your entryway is only the beginning of real magic. Fairy Lights themed Christmas throw pillows, wreaths, and green garlands- they all have their special place in your home.

Festive Christmas Door


Your home could be even sweeter with a decoration like this. The door decoration is so inspirational. Forget about the traditional wreaths, think out of the box!

Do The Dishes With A Christmas Mood


Doing dishes is not that boring when your sink is so festive.

Snuggling Time


Create a little piece of heaven in your bedroom!

Snowy Fairytale


A sparkling, festive, pure, and gorgeous way to give your living room the real Christmas mood.

Dashing Through The Kitchen


Even without snow, the slide will be used this holiday season. In an unexpected and usual way!

Farmhouse White Christmas Decoration


Typical farmhouse Christmas decoration- beads garland and merry jingle bells. Natural wreath and tree branches. All you need for a farmhouse Christmas home.

The Peace Of The Wood


A lovely wood scene that will perfectly fit in your living area. Clean, natural colors that bring the wood freshness into your home.

Festive Staircase


Your stairs deserve a little bit of sparkle touch. Green natural garland and some fairy lights are a wonderful way to decorate this part of your home.

Sparkle Your Home 


I guess you have seen mannequins in a dress made by a Christmas tree? You can try this innovative decoration idea and dress your chandelier. So you will have a hanging Christmas tree. 


Celebrate the festive season surrounded by beauty and love because Christmas is a state of mind!