13 Best Farmhouse Living Room Wall Decor Ideas - pepperhive.com | Farmhouse Decor

January 03, 2021 3 min read

Living in a perfectly tidy, homely, and cozy home is not a mission impossible. Very often a small detail could change and make the entire atmosphere just the way you’ve always wanted.

Choosing furniture and textile usually goes hand by hand. But the wall decoration is something specific and you should frame the whole interior picture first to add the desired accents. 

If you are lucky to have a big open space living room you could fill some of the walls with big furniture and combine it with a piece of art.

Here are some of the best farmhouse living room wall decor ideas you could catch and make in your home.

1. Open Shelving


A good- looking idea even for a smaller living room. You will wonderfully optimize the vertical space. Plus you could use the shelves for your books, or other small decorative objects. Adding a green plant will give the final farmhouse touch.

2. All In One


This farmhouse wall decor includes almost all main elements characterizing the farmhouse decor. Sometimes it looks good to concentrate all the decor in one area. This idea looks great because the objects complement each other.

3. Gold Wall Clock


Metal elements and wall clocks are common farmhouses decorative objects.

Here is a modern version of a golden wall clock that will fill your living room wall fantastically and elegantly.

4. Antique Vision


How lovely is this wall decoration? It looks like it comes from an antique store.

Treat your home to this delightful vintage inspired wall clock in shape of a bicycle. Suitable to hang on the wall or simply rest on top of your shelves.

5. Sophisticated Wire Clock


Give your city apartment a farmhouse atmosphere with a modern, airly, metal big wall clock. It gives an elegant accent and could simply complete the wall above your couch. 

Stylish and elegant wall clock with intricate design - elevate any room in your home with this stunning wall clock.

6. Wood And Metal


If you are having a small home office area placed in your living room, probably you will like this sophisticated wall clock. A combination of metal and wood is gorgeous and easy to combine with other interior objects.

Not just an elegant way to decorate your walls, but also a practical accessory that will allow you to see the correct time. 

7. The Time Is Now


I don’t know about you, but when I see a clock like this one the first thing coming in my mind is Christmas and New Year’s eve. No, it is not about the presents, it is because of the lovely family time around a holiday dinner, the emotions of wine glasses ringing, and the aroma of delicious homemade food.

8. Pure Cotton Wreath


Soft, fluffy, and purity. A cotton wreath is beautiful spring decor for your wall. In natural earthy colors, you could easily combine it with other decorative elements.

Decorate your front door or your wall with this gorgeous natural cotton wreath. Delicate design in two different sizes that will perfectly compliment any interior.

9. Rustic Wooden Wall Clock


A farmhouse rustic wall clock will give your living room individuality and character. Even if your entire interior is in modern clean lines, an element like this will give the real homely spirit.

A touch of vintage feel for any room in your home. 

10. Farmhouse Garland With Eucalyptus 


Decorate your front door, dining table, or even walls with this gorgeous life-like farmhouse garland with eucalyptus leaves. Be ready with the upcoming holiday season and make your home more welcoming.

11. Mason Jars Vases


Your home could be more beautiful and cheerful with fresh flowers. Be innovative and place a rustic farmhouse element on the walls with mason jar vases. You will get wonderfully fresh flower bouquets plus the warmth of wood and glass on your wall.

12. French Vintage Farmhouse Wall Clock


Add a stylish feature to your wall with this french vintage farmhouse wall clock.

13. Swing Wooden Shelf


This original swing shelf is made from natural wood and can be used to display a variety of decor. Try with small green plants to make your living room more lively and natural.

Place a few books and other small decorative elements, and your living room will get a completely new look.