How to Pick & Style Farmhouse Throw Pillows - | Farmhouse Decor

September 14, 2020 4 min read

Have you found yourself inspired by the change of the seasons?

I am usually very excited when a new season is coming, it is something like a mini new year. You start making plans about what you will do, where you will go, what kind of outfits to wear according to the latest trends.

Even you are in a mood of remodeling your home.  Sometimes you are ready for big changes, but let’s be honest- a small change could turn the entire home atmosphere in a completely different direction.

So, the summer is coming to its end and the beautiful and colorful autumn brings us the whole palette of warm tones. You imagine yourself sitting on the porch bench with a cup of coffee, a fluffy warm blanket, and soft throw pillows around you.

They are the perfect solution to add colors, textures and bring more atmosphere in your home. Here are some advice and ideas about how to pick and style farmhouse throw pillows for great results and stylish interior. Plus to give an absolutely natural but extraordinary way.

For a really extraordinary effect and natural look of your home, mixing styles and textures is a wonderful option. Of course, you need to choose cleverly- do not take it to throw whatever you found.

Here are some examples to be inspired by:

  • Mix And Match Colors And Patterns
    • if you have a nude throw pillow, you could add some on stripes, or another pattern. Use the main tone as a canvas and try some combination for a better result.
    • nude throw pillow pair very well with styles in different textures- choose some thicker, fluffier, or even pillows with applications, you will be amazed by the result
    • choose different sized or shaped pillows, it will add a wonderful accent to your sofa.

  • “Bookending” Throw Pillows
    • to get this result you will need two identical throw pillows. Add them in opposite corners of your couch or bed. It is a classical way to add colors and texture to your sofa.
    •  Here you could choose even throw pillows with matching or amplifying quotes and words.

  • Choose Your Throw Pillows Wisely
    • it is not a secret that sometimes we get sick and tired of some accessory or item in our home. Usually, this happens when we get something not really in our style, it is too trendy or its color does not really match the whole interior line. Here is why when it comes to throwing pillows choose their design according to your real style and the place where you will place them.
    • consider the couch or bed surfaces- do not overcover with pillows, you need space where to sit. If you have too many pillows on your bed you will need a special place to collect them when you go to sleep. 
    • if you make it to use your throw pillows in different rooms of your home, with the same great effect, you did a great job.


    Celeste Throw Pillow

    Introducing Celeste - our universal quality pillow in neutral tones that will fit into any farmhouse home. Mix and match from other pillows from our collection or double up to create a matching look.

    Available as pillow cover or pillow with core (choose from drop-down options), each in two standard sizes. All with hidden zip closing at the back.

    farmhouse throw pillow celeste

    Jacquard Throw Pillow with Decorative Edges

    Our textured Farmhouse Dreams pillow cover comes with ribbed cotton surface and adorable ball fringe around the edges.

    Made from quality Cotton Jacquard. Size 45 x 45 cm.

    Please note this is only a pillow cover, it does not come with the core

    farmhouse throw pillow jacquoard

    Phillipo Farmhouse Throw Pillow

    Add a beautiful accent to your sofa or bed with this gorgeous throw pillow. Designed with textured surface with stylish straps at each corner.

    A range of complimenting designs will allow you to mix and match these pillow effortlessly.

    Made from a blend of cotton and linen. Please note only a pillow cover is included, not the pillow core. 

    Philipo Farmhouse Throw Pillow

    La Isla Cotton Fringe Pillow Cover

    This high quality cotton pillow cover will fit in beautifully with any farmhouse interior. 

    Add a touch of neutral color to your home and choose from these two standard sizes. 

    Material: 30% hemp and 70% cotton. Available in two shapes/sizes with invisible zipper at the bottom seam. 

    Please note this is only a pillow cover, it does not contain core.

    la isla farmhouse cotton fringe pillow

    Landmarks Cotton Pillow Covers

    ravel the world, one pillow at a time. These stunning vintage inspired throw pillows instantly lift any room and add a gorgeous feature to any sofa or bed.

    They come in standard size 45 x 45 cm (17.7 x 17.7 inch) and contain both the pillow cover and the core pillow. Weight approx 450 gr. Material: PP cotton.

    Mix and match to create your own travel inspired collection.

    Landmarks farmhouse cotton pillows

    Robin Knitted Tassel Pillow

    The structured knitted texture of this pillowcase is something you will definitely fall in love with. 

    Our Robin pillowcase fits to standard pillows of size 45 x 45 cm and provides a touch of structure to your home decor.

    Robin knitted tassel pillow