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September 14, 2020 4 min read

With no doubts, the farmhouse home decor styleis something that brings us a warm and homey feeling.

It gives us a little escape from the city routine and it is not a secret that is one of the biggest trends in interior and design recently.

Is a wonderful way to add more charm to your home. The farmhouse style is great to combine to other interiors and here is why it’s so popular and superior. It is a wonderful symbiosis between clean, contemporary design and natural aesthetic style. A great mixture of natural materials like wood and vitalized metal.

When it comes to decorating your home, most people start with the floor and furniture. They leave the wall as a final touch to their dream home. It is not a lie that it is a really difficult task to decor walls. There are so many considerations before you start. 

Here are some great ideas for farmhouse wall decor you will absolutely love!  

#1 - Hanging Farmhouse Wicker Heart

Decorate your walls with this stylish wicker heart in white or grey tones. It perfectly fits in the dining area or in the kitchen. A beautiful accent to an empty wall or even front door.  

Get it here.

Farmhouse wall decor - wooden white heart

#2 - Wine Lovers Metal Wine Rack

Store your favorite wine always within easy reach with this practical metal shelf unit.

We like it because of the glass hangers and the opportunity to add more than one bottle of wine. 

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farmhouse wall decor metal rack for wine storage

#3 - Farmhouse Solid Wood Coat Hooks

Looking for the perfect neutral coat hook for your farmhouse home? 

This solid wood coat hooks are the perfect solution for organizing your home, be it your entryway or your bathroom. They can comfortably hold a heavy coat or a long towel.

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Farmhouse wall decor wooden hooks

#4 - Vintage Antlers Wall Hooks

Wall hooks have never looked this stylish! These wall hooks are the perfect solution to add a bit of personality to your home and upgrade your boring and worn-off hooks to something that even an interior designer would be proud of.

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farmhouse wall decor hooks

#5 - Double Sided Chopping Board for Wall Decor

How gorgeous is this chopping board?The double-sided design with black and white print makes this chopping board a versatileaccessory for your kitchen. Decorating with signs and boards is something usual when it comes to farmhouse style. 

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Farmhouse wall decor chopping board

#6 - Vintage Metal Farmhouse Wall Clock

Treat your home to a delightfulvintage-inspired wall clock in the shape of a bicycle. It is a wonderful accent and a starting point to create a perfectly decorated spot in your home. 

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farmhouse wall decor clock vintage

#7 - Industrial Style Farmhouse Shelves

The perfect shelf for your living room or bedroom. In industrial-style, a shelf like this is a wonderful combination between the wooden board and metallic legs.

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Farmhouse wall decor industrial shelves

#8 - Farmhouse Swing Wooden Shelf

Give your wall unique detail like this swing wooden shelf. The combination of wood and rope perfectly fits in a living room or even a nursery wall. You can display other small decorations or a few books.

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Lola farmhouse wooden shelves

#9 - Farmhouse Wall Decor With Barn Doors 

In Farmhouse style, the door could be used not for entrance only. Usually, it could be a wonderful dining or coffee table. In this variation, a barn door is a gorgeous piece of art on your wall. 

#10 - Bathroom Hanging Farmhouse Ladder Shelf with Rope

Unexpected shelf, made by an old ladder. What a perfect solution for your bathroom wall. It could be a wonderful storage place.

#11 - Signs 

Signs, quotes, words… It is all related to the perfect farmhouse wall decor ideas. You can use them in each room. Plus if you are in the mood of crafting you could DIY your own piece.

farmhouse wall sign


#12 - Coffee Station

It is trendy to have a coffee bar or coffee station in your home. Make it a unique area with rustic wooden open shelves. A black chalkboard is a perfect addition to a modern and absolutely stunning home “coffee shop”.

farmhouse coffee shop decor


#13 - Displaced Doors

On many occasions, a displaced door would be the latest decoration element you will choose.

Honestly, it could be the missing part of your perfect living room. It could be decorated according to a holiday season, or just with a wreath, which is a significant element of a farmhouse style.

#14 - Fun Signs and Photos

There is nothing sweeter than your sweet family memories. Here is a touchable way to display them on the wall and turn them as a really expensive masterpiece. If you are in a creative mood, simply add a framed quotes and you will get a chapter of your life directly on the wall.

farmhouse framed posters


#15 - Ancient Billboard On Your Wall

Your dining room will have a real rustic look with an ancient and authentic billboard. An unexpected but a top decoration for your home.

farmhouse wall decor vintage board


#16 - Mason Jars And Barn Doors

Hang some DIY vases on your walls. Fresh flowers are the element you need to turn your lovely home into a secret garden

mason jars farmhouse decor


#17 - Mason Jar Candle Holders

You can use this idea on your porch. Fantastic DIY candle holder craft with a lovely result.

mason jars farmhouse decor


#18 - Buckets And Baskets

Baskets and buckets are common elements in the farmhouse decor. They could be used as magnificent wall organizers in every room of your home. To make them more sophisticated you can place a small green plant. 

farmhouse baskets wall decor


    #19 - Each Room Deserve A Personal Touch

    The laundry room deserves your personal touch too. This is a spectacular makeover of a simple laundry room where you won’t complain when you have to do the laundry.

    farmhouse wall decor laundry room


      #20 - Spread The Love

      The farmhouse style is all about love and family solidarity. Here is why love quotes and signs are really popular in the decoration. Our daily routine is like a roller coaster and sometimes we forget to show simple but important acts of love. A decoration like this should remind us that “love is all we need”. 

      farmhouse wall decor quote