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our storyFrom the lolloping rescue dog rescuing a drowning swimmer to the husky fireman saving a child from a burning building, heroes come in all shapes and sizes. He might be able to shimmy down a fire pole in two seconds and break through a door without breaking a sweat.

But he can’t pick what makes you smile out of a lineup. Only you can.  

You might be here because owning something beautiful makes life just a little bit sweeter. Rather than living passively, you surround yourself with what you love because of the simple joys in life matter.

Or maybe you’re here because you’re looking for something extraordinary - something special for yourself or a present for the kind of person who could never be contained inside a box.

It’s hard to find the words to convey the love and gratitude we feel for the special people in our life. Gifts that once seemed appropriate begin to appear trite and “used.”

extraordinary momentThe Extraordinary Moment

There’s an extraordinary moment that occurs only when a gift is received. Anticipation, nervousness, curiosity, excitement… It all comes to a head when a gift is about to be unwrapped. You and the person you love connect right at the very center of their world.

If you haven’t found the right gift until now, it might be because, on some deep level, you understand that a thoughtful gift makes more than just an impression. A thoughtful gift doesn’t just say, “I care.” A thoughtful gift says, “I see you.”

Yes, you heard us. You’re not just picky. You’re selective. And that’s a good thing. Taking the time to find a memorable gift takes skill and finesse. And guess what - by beginning your search, you’ve already proved that you have it in you. was created in celebration of the little things in life that make us smile. The people who shop here are people who truly live - they refuse to settle for ordinary and go to extreme lengths to choose the life they want. They are lovers and dreamers and unsung heroes who appreciate the unique taste of those they love.

The only products we allow into our shop are the ones that bring beauty and joy into your life.

Many people use to treat themselves, others are intrepid gift-givers who find gifts that they use to strengthen their relationships, or to herald the start of something new.

There’s a common misconception that becoming an adult means leaving joyful days behind. Every day, extraordinary people shatter this stereotype to pieces.

It’s easy to become one of them. Find something you love. Make it your own.

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