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Cat ceramic breakfast plate

Before introducing this product, please be sure to read the following statement, thank you:
1. Handmade pottery, in the international certifications such as ROHS and NSF, it is also allowed to have bubbles, glaze, and bottom wear. This is not a flaw.
2. Purely hand-painted pottery bowls, each one will not be exactly the same, allowing for subtle differences, this is not awkward.
3. Le Porcelain lives, strictly select each product, but ceramic products are not destined to be absolutely perfect, please be careful to buy perfectionists.
4. Be sure to see the size, please don't buy it by imagination. This roasting bowl is specially developed for one or two people, not the big guy.
5. Due to factors such as shooting ambient light, there may be chromatic aberration, please refer to the actual product.
product data
Product Name: Cat Disk
Material: ceramic + glaze
Specifications: 7.5 inches

Uses: fruit plate, snack plate, children's tableware