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Gold Stainless Steel Cooking Utensils

Take your cooking game to the next level with this gorgeous collection of cooking utensils made from stainless steel in elegant gold color. 


  • Rice Spoon : Length 23 cm  Width: 7.2 cm Weight: 102g
  •  Whitefly: Length : 33.5 cm Width :7.7 cm Weight125g
  •  Soup Spoon: Length 33 cm Width9 cm Weight156g
  •  Spatula: Length 36 cm Width11.5 cm Weight155g
  •  Colander: Length 36 cm Width: 11.5 cm  Weight155g
  •  Fried Shovel: Length  37.5 cm Width8 cm  Weight134g
  •  Serving Spoon: Length 36 cm Width11.5 cm  Weigth139g
  •  Serving Colander: Length 36 cm Width11.5 cm  Weight139g

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