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Lighting Glass

Want to impress your guest with a glowing party? This lighting glass is made for you. It will give your home a cool bar look and give your guests the best experience. It's perfect when you want to organize parties during the night both indoor or outdoor. Specifications: Product capacity: 200ml/7oz Patterns: Transparent ,Matters needing attention: 1. When cleaning, please try not to soak the cup in water, because the general electronic products into the water, will easily lead to electronic short circuit and affect the service life; you can hold the cup in your hand to rinse. 2. The way to change batteries: use a 1 yuan coin and stick it in the middle of the battery cover slot at the bottom of the cup, then twist it open; if the lid can't fall down, just move it a few times with your hands. 3. if the glass is still bright after the individual water is poured, please remove the battery from the bottom of the cup and dry the water inside, then let it dry naturally, and then reinstall the battery in second days. Product Material: Acrylic/PS Material Battery power supply: built-in button battery CR2025x2pc, can be replaced (with a coin rotating open the base battery cover replacement); This product does not contain batteries Luminescence duration: about 20 hours Product category: wine glass Material: PS plastics (food grade) Capacity: 201-300 ml Style: Creativity Product Material: PS plastic (food grade); non-toxic and harmless, safe to use. Applicable substances: generally used in all kinds of colored wines, such as beer, liquor, red wine, wine, yellow rice wine, rice wine, and cola, Sprite and other carbonated beverages. If it is clear water, the reaction of pure water and so on will be more "slow"!